Bicentenary reunion 16-18 January 2015

Thank you to all who attended the Hansen family reunion weekend!

We felt it was a wonderful event and you all contributed to the success of it. We’ve had plenty of excellent feedback and clearly the committee’s decision to have an educational component to the Saturday with our workshops proved very popular. Please check below for a variety of post-event updates, including links to merchandise and the official photographer's website where you can view and order photos. 

Official Photography:


Mark Moore was our official photographer for the reunion and he now has all the photos from the weekend available to view on his website gallery, including all the family branch photos. You can order any photos you want directly from his website.

Click here or the image on the left to view.



Attendees: click here to view the full list of attendee names and family branch




TV3 News popped in to see the official opening on Friday night, interviewed several people and ran an article on their late evening news. You can view it here or click the icon.



The NZ Herald ran an article in the national paper the Monday after our reunion weekend. You can view the article here or click the icon.



In the weeks leading up to the reunion, TVNZ's Seven Sharp show ran an article on the historical Hohi landing site. You can view the video here or click the icon.



Tee Shirts & Polos!

1814 Hansen Family bicentenary tee shirts and polos are still available to order before Monday 9th February. Click the icon or here to view and order.



Tea Towels!

There are still some commemorative tea towels left over and we would love to get them out the door. Click the icon or here to view and order.


175-Years celebrations

The most significant occasion in the Hansen family's history thus far, was undoubtedly the 175th anniversary celebrations which started on 22nd December 1989 and culminated in the family reunion in January 1990. That occasion generated a lot of family pride and intense interest in the family history. Read more and view photos!.


December 2014 events

December 2014 marked the bicentenary of the brig Active arriving and the Rev. Samuel Marsden giving his Christmas day sermon. There were some commemorative events that took place and you can view a selection of photos here.

NZ bicentenary

It will be remembered that out of all the Europeans who arrived at Rangihoua only the Hansens and the Kings remained as permanent settlers. They lived out the rest of their lives at Rangihoua (or Hohi as it is known today) and then Te Puna. Both the King couple and the Hansen couple are buried on the slopes of Hohi in New Zealand's first European cemetery.

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